mksyslinux - Advanced, modular syslinux boot image creation utility

Property Value
Distribution Arch Linux
Repository Arch Linux Extra x86_64
Package name mksyslinux
Package version 2013.06
Package release 2
Package architecture any
Package type xz
Installed size 8.00 KB
Download size 4.79 KB
Official Mirror
Advanced, modular syslinux boot image creation utility.
Packager: Jelle van der Waa <>. License: GPL


Package Version Architecture Repository
mksyslinux - - -


Name Value
mkinitcpio -
pciutils -
syslinux -


Type URL
Binary Package mksyslinux-2013.06-2-any.pkg.tar.xz
Source Package mksyslinux

Install Howto

  1. Enable the extra repository on /etc/pacman.conf:
    Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
  2. Install mksyslinux xz package:
    # pacman -Sy mksyslinux



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